How Your Diet Feeds Pancreatic Cancer?


Although nutrition tends to be a critical component in everyone’s life, there is no specific study indicating the cause of poor nutrition is the cause of pancreatic cancer. However, if you tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle with a fat-rich diet, then you might enhance the overall risks of developing pancreatic cancer.

A recent study has revealed that a diet containing high volumes of fat-rich products might lead to pancreatic cancer in the long run. This is because of the interaction that occurs between the fat-rich diet and CCK (cholecystokinin) –a digestive hormone.

It has been found that the diet high in fat content triggers the secretion of the digestive hormone “CCK” by the small intestine. People who tend to consume a diet rich in saturated fats on a daily basis usually have higher levels of CCK. This increases the overall risks of developing pancreatic cancer.

In a particular study, a group of mice was subjected to a fat-rich diet as the other group of mice was given a normal diet. Half of the mice belonging to the first group were treated with proglumide –a medication that tends to block CCK. As a result of the study, it was deduced that some mice had tumors that lacked CCK, while some others were deficient in CCK & had pancreatic cancer. Mice which were given the treatment of proglumide had less tumor growth in comparison to the untreated mice –even when they were fed the diet rich in fat.

The mice that lacked the CCK were also not responding to the fat-rich diet. The study thus suggested that CCK is required towards stimulating the growth of the pancreatic cancer tumors. As such, it can be said that blocking CCK might be helpful in spreading the tumors of pancreatic cancer to other body parts.