How Walnuts Help in Fighting Cancer?


Walnuts are one of the most amazing dry fruits available out there. Not just for their amazing taste, the walnuts are also famous for a wide range of health benefits offered by them. In the recent times, English walnuts have become the most popular nuts in the entire United States. Although all dry fruits & nuts tend to fit in the anti-cancer diet, walnuts are the most studied nuts for treating or fighting cancer effectively.

Walnuts are known to contain omega-3 fat (alpha-linolenic acid). This makes the walnuts highly susceptible to becoming rancid. This is the reason walnuts are not commonly found in other nut mixes.

Walnuts –How They Help in Fighting Cancer?

Walnuts are known to contain high amounts of polyphenols –phytochemicals that tend to have antioxidant properties. Walnuts also contain a wide range of other potentially proactive compounds offering protection from cancer including:

  • Ellagitannins –which get broken down to ellagic acid
  • Gamma-tocopherol –one of the major types of Vitamin E compounds
  • Alpha-linolenic acid –an Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Polyphenols including phenolic acid and flavonoids
  • Phytosterols –plant compounds that are known for lowering blood cholesterol. These compounds are under study for the potential antioxidants & anti-inflammatory effects in the body.
  • Melatonin –a rich antioxidant and hormone

Walnuts are also known to be excellent sources of manganese and good sources of magnesium. Owing to the rich constituents of healthy natural components, the walnuts are regarded as great sources of food that can help in fighting cancer effectively.