How to Prevent Melanoma?


Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer, that takes place in skin cells, producing melanin, a pigment which is responsible for the color of skin. The exact cause behind this harmful disease is unknown, however much of its association pertains to the exposure to UV lights. This fundamentally is not confirmed as the only cause, because melanoma has developed into those body parts as well which do not find exposure to sunlight. As far as UV light exposure as a cause is concerned, it can be controlled and kept in check.

Melanoma is detected through the examination of moles on the body or various appearances of skin shades. The first indicator usually comes in the form of a strange looking development on the skin, or deformation in some existing mole, or formation of a pigmented growth, as per Mayo Clinic revelations.

To prevent Melanoma, you have to keep up a proper skin care, especially during the midday when the sun is out bright and you can be hit with direct sunlight.

  1. Wearing a Sunscreen could serve the purpose of an extra protective coat. Broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with 15 or higher SPF is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  2. In addition to the sunscreen, your clothes play an important role in deviating direct sunlight. Cover your body parts while in direct sunshine, wear shades and possibly, a wide brim hat.
  3. Keep a check on your skin variations and appearances.
  4. Keep wary of other UV light sources like tanning beds and tanning lights.
  5. Keep up a proper check up with your physician. The Skin Cancer Foundation deems it very important to have your physician check your skin conditions from time to time, especially if you develop something strange looking on your skin. Do not take these variations lightly as prevention begins with yourself!

Prevention against this encroaching disease is necessary because if detected in early stages, melanoma can be treated successfully. All the steps you take to steer yourself towards a better health do count!