How Kylie Minogue fought with Cancer


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Undoubtedly, having diagnosed with any type of cancer is one of the most frightening statements for anyone to hear from the physician. Recovering from cancer is a lot more than just chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Having a strong support system from the family or friends and a will power to come back plays an equal role.

Kylie Minogue is one of them. When she was diagnosed with cancer, her mother was her strongest support system. Kylie is a happy and joyful personality, who is full of life. As she shares her experience of fighting cancer, she describes how mother was there as her support. She gave her so much love, support, and positivity during the treatment when she felt very low and was surrounded by dark thoughts. Her mother helped Kylie to take her baby steps while she was recovering back. Taking control of the situation and tackling it is the best possible solution to stay calm.

It would not be wrong to say that cancer is a landmine of physical, emotional and financial stress. The person who is diagnosed with cancer has a continuous fear of what is coming next for them. Cancer broadly not only affects you but also affects the people around you because the discovery changes almost everything whether it is your daily routine or your family’s daily routine. There are numerous studies that reveal that there is a significant impact of positive thinking and will power on a person’s health.

The mind and the thoughts have the most powerful influence over our actions; however, it is important to keep the mind and spirit at peace during the treatment. As it considered to have a connection between the thoughts and healing.