How Could Genes be Helpful in Curing Cancer?


Scientists have found that certain mutations are most commonly found in the cells of some typical types of cancers. As such, finding the specific mutations in the cells can help in diagnosing the particular type of cancer. By testing the cells for the purpose of mutation can be used after the diagnosis process for seeing how the particular cancer is responding to the given treatment. As a result, genes have been found to be useful as an effective cancer cure in the coming times.

Genes & Cancer Prognosis

In some specific cancers, gene changes of particular sorts can be used for predicting which patients are likely to have better or worse outcomes. This fact can help in guiding the overall intensity of the treatment.

For some typical cancers, the tests that observed the expression (activity) of several genes at once could be useful in the prediction of cancer and cancer cure. Such tests, referred to as “gene expression panels,” are usually performed on the cancer samples. These tests are available for several types of cancers including prostate, breast, and colon cancers. The subsequent tests can help in predicting which patients are more likely to have the cancers return after the treatment.

Genes & Cancer Treatment

There are certain drugs that have been developed for targeting some of the specific gene changes in particular cancers. Usually, such drugs target the protein made by the presence of an abnormal gene (not the gene itself).

The drugs that aim at targeting the gene mutations can turn out useful in a wide number of cancer cures including non-small lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, acute lymphocytic leukemia, and even melanoma.

There are several researchers out there who are very hopeful about the future of cancer treatment with the help of genes.