How can a Keto Diet Help You Starve Cancer?

Are you on a keto diet? Maybe it is great for your body as a study reveals that the keto diet can help in starving the cancer cells. Let us know how!

Cancer has lately become one of the major causes of deaths across the world. As such, scientists around the world keep looking for ways to treat this deadly disease effectively. In the current scenario, cancer is commonly treated with available options like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Interestingly, there is a new report coming up in relation to a study that suggests that consuming a low-carb keto diet might starve the cancer cells altogether.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is specifically a low-carbohydrate & high-fat diet that is quite similar to the famous Atkins Diet. The keto diet involves the process of reducing the daily intake of carbohydrates to replace the same with fat. The respective change in the overall diet leads to a metabolic state referred to as ‘ketosis.’

Role of the Keto Diet in Starving Cancer

Most of the cancer therapies out there are designed with the aim of targeting the biological differences that exist between normal cells and cancer cells. Mostly, all the cancer cells tend to have a similar property of feeding off carbohydrates or blood sugar present in the body for growing and multiplying. When you limit yourself to a keto diet, some metabolic processes in the body get altered, and the blood sugar levels in the body go down. As such, this might starve the cancer cells. The scientists believe that a keto diet might help in reducing the progression of cancer in the body due to the rapid decrease in the overall blood sugar levels.

There are additional benefits of the keto diet as well that might help in fighting cancer. Some are:

  • Lowered Insulin: Insulin serves to be an anabolic hormone. This implies that when it is present in the body, it allows the cells to grow –including the cancer cells. As such, lower insulin in the body indicates reduced tumor growth.
  • Increased Ketones: Cancer cells are not known to make use of the ketones to fuel themselves. This causes the cancer cells to starve and eventually die.

In addition to providing aid in effective weight loss, a ketogenic diet might also help in starving the cancer cells in the body.

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