Hope for Patients with Ovarian Cancer

An all-new study by a team of researchers at the University of Chicago has created hope for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

For the past few years, the United States medical students at the University of Chicago in the obstetrics-gynecology field have been working upon the stories that have been shared by patients of ovarian cancer. The patients, as well as survivors of ovarian cancer through their stories, share the overall journey including the painful phase, the diagnosis shock, treatments, and the constant worry whether or not they will ever become cancer-free.

Last year, it was made mandatory for the students to listen to the experiences of women as an important part of the respective academic life. Through such involvement, it is hoped that as the disease gets humanized, the relatively rare form of cancer will come on the radar of the new-generation doctors. It might as well help in changing the narrative of the common patients that their doctors did not take the symptoms of the disease seriously until it became too late.

Role of the Narrative Process

Nita K Lee –a leading gynecologic oncologist at the University of Chicago, states, “We realized that it was important for the students in the given field to learn not just the overall biology of ovarian cancer, but we also wished that they should be aware of the patients and their respective journeys through stories.” The change in the medical school curriculum is viewed as a positive sign that aims at promoting ovarian cancer to be a major subject of vital concern.

Spreading Awareness About Ovarian Cancer

The given narrative process is viewed as a major surge towards hopeful modern advancements in the medical field –including the new study on the role of blood tests in diagnosing the disease at quite an early stage. It could also help in identifying the new genetic understanding of the various types of cancer, its subtypes, and the possible new treatments.

Towards raising public awareness in the given field, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention has updated its online portal on the topic “ovarian cancer.” The center also aims at launching proper broadcast advertisements to boost the overall awareness. This implies that a majority of patients with ovarian cancer around the world can look for relevant treatment options on the internet while also searching for the existing treatment options.

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