Hope for an Antibody Cancer Treatment for Tumors


Netrin-1 is a protein overexpressed by tumor cells. Variation in Netrin is involved in cancer. It disturbs the natural self-destruct mechanism in cells due to which cancer cells multiply.

NETRIS Pharma tested an antibody cancer treatment for tumors. When this antibody was tested in uterine cancer, it squeezed the tumor and stabilized the disease. This antibody treatment unleashes an endogenous safeguard mechanism which kills cancerous cells.

It can be said that Netrin-1 is an untapped resource for cancer therapy in the clinic. 19 patients present in the trial have been assured of the good tolerability of the antibody and its safety and efficacy are to be tested in another trial of 24 patients. Hopefully, the first patient to be tested will be enrolled in 2019. It’s expected that the company will develop an antibody as monotherapy in 2023.

Previously Netrin-1 was initially considered as a molecule implicated mainly during embryonic development. It wasn’t declared for cancer settings. It’s said that Netrin-1 isn’t yet well known because it’s a new treatment. In words of Mehlen, “Netrin-1 in the cancer arena is still pretty new.” The good news is that Netrin-1 has been described for cancer setting. Tumors express Netrin-1. It is a protein that can stop tumors from showing self-destruct mechanism.

Sema3E also belongs to antibodies as is in the phase of pre-clinical development. Netrin-1 is a superb antibody cancer treatment that is from French Company NETRIS Pharma. Phase-I trial of Netrin-1 has shown amazing safety and anti-tumor effects for patients. The antibody neither effects on proliferation of cancerous cells nor on T-cells but unleashes an endogenous safeguard mechanism.