Home & Away Star Tessa James Reveals a Healthy Diet Plate on Her Cancer Battle


The former star of the TV series Home & Away –Tessa James, 27, reveals her own “very healthy” diet plate that helped in her cancer battle. Emphasizing the importance of healthy lifestyles, Tessa welcomed her first child this February. She told a leading magazine that intermittent fasting along with going dairy-free was the topmost secrets of her journey to a great physique and flawless skin.

Tessa also added that she refrains from indulging into binge snacking too often. Whenever she wishes to binge-eat something, she prefers going for a handful of almonds or dark chocolate in between her meals of the day. As the actress admits that she does consume too much coffee, she still always refrains from drinking anything that has dairy milk in it. The actress is a leading fitness enthusiast as she claims that she prefers consuming meat except for fish.

Tessa has had a share of health problems in the past. At the mere age of 23, Tessa received chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  As she was battling with cancer, Tessa found her news of pregnancy as immensely affirmative. She believes that miracles do come unexpectedly when you least expect it. Being pregnant during her cancer battle was a miracle indeed for Tessa as she found it extremely special to feel a baby growing inside her.