Heartbroken Family Pays Tribute to the 28-Year-Old Young Mother with Cervical Cancer

Jack Connolly is heartbroken and shattered as he is left alone with his beloved daughter after his wife –a young 28-year-old mother, left the family due to cervical cancer.

Leonie Carroll –a young, lovely 28-year-old mother, has left her family of a partner and her daughter completely shattered after her untimely death due to cervical cancer. Leonie was referred to as the “bubbly & funny” by her peers and family members around. She passed away recently due to cervical cancer –leaving behind her family in a complete state of emotional breakdown. With a sad heart, the family paid tribute to Leonie.

Leonie belonged to Middletown and was diagnosed with cervical cancer in September 2018. For her cancer treatment, Leonie received intense chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy sessions. However, even after several treatments, Leonie passed away on 7th July –just a few days after her 28th birthday. She had celebrated her 28th birthday at Springhill Hospice, Rochdale.

Leonie’s Case with Cervical Cancer

Leonie had married her childhood sweetheart Jack Connolly. They were together since they were 14 years of age. Currently, the couple has a daughter named Remae, who is 7-years-old. Jacob used to work as a fire sprinkler. As his job required working away most of the time, Jack has recently quit his job for taking care of his small daughter. It is a tough time for Jack and his daughter to fill the void left by the passing away of Leonie. Towards funding the funeral function of Leonie, close friends and family members of the couple have started a fundraising campaign on the online portal. In addition to funding the cost of Leonie’s funeral, the amount collected from the fundraising campaign will also be aimed at helping Jack support the day-to-day living expenses without his job.

The Emotional Time for Leonie’s Family

After Leonie, Jack plans to take his daughter Remae to a trip to Disneyland. Jack had promised Leonie that he would take their daughter to see Mickey Mouse as the 6-week holidays approached. The amount collected out of the fundraising campaign will help him in fulfilling Leonie’s dream for their daughter as well. During her treatment, Leonie first underwent the radiotherapy session for her cancer treatment. Later on, she underwent a mixture of chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy sessions. While she battled for her cancer, she did not let anyone know about her pain. She fought the battle courageously.

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