Healthy Eating Habits Can Help in the Prevention of Cancer


In August 2018 a study was released that was the contribution of scientists from France. They were motivated by the idea of numerous research works being published about a diet that supports good health. So they decided to study which diet plan would act against cancer. To find this nutritional approach they followed over 41,000 participants over a time period of eight years. Researchers tracked the eating habits of these participants and then scored.

The Alternate Healthy Eating Index 2010 was a guideline for Americans basically. It advises to eat more fruits and avoid from refined grains. As well as it says to eat a low-fat diet and eat more protein containing food.


The World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research suggest eating plant-based food. These organizations guide to avoid alcohol and lower the intake of sweets and oils. Else exercise more.

The Mediterranean Diet favors a plant-rich diet with olive oil, nuts, herbs, and spices. It is a traditional diet plan.

The French National Nutrition Health Program-Guideline Score suggests eating more fruits and vegetables. It guides to promote physical activity. Apart from this, it suggests to reduce intake of sodium and increase intake of calcium. Iron and folate deficiency must be fulfilled.

Among all of these WCRF/AICR guidelines were said to be the best for lowering cancer risk. This plant-based diet reduced cancer risk by 12% overall. Breast cancer and Prostate cancer were now less expected 14% and 12% respectively. The best thing about WCRF/AICR guidelines was that it prohibited alcohol and more animal dependent diet. The effectiveness of these guidelines isn’t only proved by French Scientists but a study of over 380, 000 participants brought into light that there is 18% lower risk of cancer and 34% lower risk of early death for those who follow these recommendations.