Healthiest Food for Your Babies


It is important for a baby to be fed with breast milk because it contains antibodies that provide protection from bacteria and viruses. Human milk contains Alpha-Lactalbumin known as HAMLET. This research was published in PLoS One Journal which stated that there are some substances in breast milk that are lethal to cancer cells.

Professor Svanborg was studying antibiotics. During the research, he found the killing effect of breast milk for cancerous cells. He then treated patients with bladder cancer using Hamlet. The result was mind-blowing as after the treatment dead cancer cells were seen in the urine of patients. The compound did not harm healthy cells.

[AdSense-B] published a newsletter; it was written by Professor Svanborg. In that newsletter, Professor Svanborg highlighted the effectiveness of breast milk for a better quality of life. According to his research breast milk helps to boost the immune system in humans and gives them a better quality of life. It states breast milk as “Foundation for Life.”

Hamlet provides many benefits to human. It has a property to fight cancer cells, and it kills them. It provides strength to the body and acts as a tumor killer. It has been found that Hamlet has the ability to kill 40 types of cancer cells.

Scientists are now very busy trying to find the effectiveness of Hamlet against skin cancer and brain tumors. Babies who are fed with breast milk in the first 6 months have fewer chances to develop ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory illness, and bouts. Mothers should recognize its importance as healthiest and safest food for their babies.