Harness Immune System To Fight Cancer


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A healthy life needs to be the right of every human being. Cancer is a life-threatening disease, and it’s necessary to detect it and treat it so that nobody has to die due to this disease.

CAR-T cell therapy has shown remarkable results in Leukemia and is expected to replace chemotherapy with immunotherapy for cancer patients and bone marrow transplant. First ever treatment by CAR-T was given to Emily, a 6-year-old against Leukemia.

In CAR-T cell therapy, patient’s T-cells are modified in the laboratory to fight against cancers and then injected back.

Emily who is a whitehead, was 6 years old when she was given this treatment against aggressive Leukemia. It is a type of blood cancer. Emily wasn’t responding to chemotherapy and CAR-T cell therapy was given a chance against her aggressive cancer. And guess what? Emily recovered. Not only recovered but now is 12 years old and is enjoying a cancer-free life. This was actually the reward of efforts made by a Dublin doctor.

Dr. Pule shows his interest and hope in CAR-T cell therapy by saying “We are exploring different aspects of CAR-T cell treatment from trying to different kinds of leukemia and lymphomas and also trying to treat some solid tumors.”

Solid tumors are defined as the tumors which do not contain cysts or liquid portions. Sarcomas, lymphomas, and carcinomas are examples.

Dr. Pule says that yet we haven’t achieved much with CAR-T cell treatment against solid tumors. It’s expected that this immunotherapy may prove very effective in treating solid tumors as it has shown its efficacy in the case of Leukemia.