Google to Block All Anti-Cancer, Anti-GMO, and Anti-Vax Websites at Browser Level

Recently, Google announced that it would be blocking all anti-cancer, anti-GMO, and anti-vax websites at the browser level as the leading technology giants go all-in with the available pharma drug cartels.

As per the latest tech update by Google, the leading search engine giant aims at bringing about significant changes to the way in which the end users search for online information with respect to cancer. By the time of 2020, the browser of Google Chrome will automatically block all the anti-vax, anti-cancer, and anti-GMO websites. This is to serve as the part of the collapse of Google into the Monsanto/Pharma criminal cartel.

As per the revolutionary update, the users who would like to visit the portals that aim at exposing the potential, scientifically-proven harms as well as risks of chemotherapy, drugs, vaccines, GMOs, glyphosate, or chemotherapy, might have to switch to alternative internet browsers or search engines. This is because the Google Chrome search engine has already achieved the position of eliminating all such portals from the search results.

The Latest Announcement by Google

Within the time of a year, Google will no longer be providing access to the end users to enter sites like NaturalNews.com unless they would change the respective browser or search engine settings. The only websites that Google will permit to be accessed by the end users through Chrome will be the ones that are approved towards promoting mass medication, vaccines, chemotherapy, 5G cell towers, pesticides, fluoride, and other alternatives that aim at enriching global, powerful corporations while dumbing down the knowledge of the population out there.

Negative Aspects of the Decision

The conclusion derived from some high-level source has revealed about the coming exclusion of natural health and organic websites from the Google search engine. The purge was accelerated last week with the eradication of the all-natural site Mercola.com and other similar sites based on the concept of natural health from the search results of Google.

The situation has become highly tense as Google aims at pushing search result suggestions like “supplements are bad,” “organic is a lie,” and so more. The algorithm of the Google search engine has been trained for claiming the “chiropractic is fake” and “GMOs are good.”

While this announcement might serve immensely useful for some sites, the anti-cancer or anti-GMOs sites are going to face the brunt significantly.

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