Good News! Prices slashed for these 9 Anti-Cancer Drugs

In a significant step towards making cancer treatment more effective as well as affordable for all, the retail prices of as many as 9 anti-cancer drugs have been cut down to around 90 percent. The anti-cancer drugs whose prices have been brought down include some of the most commonly used injections during chemotherapy for the treatment of lung cancer. The Drug Price Control Authority has cut down the price by as much as 87 percent of most of the related anti-cancer drugs.

A Major Step Towards Effective Cancer Treatment

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) through its memorandum of 15th May had reviewed the data that was collected from the manufacturers of the anti-cancer drugs. After the analysis of the available data, the authority was able to bring down the overall price of around 9 anti-cancer drugs across the price control framework. NPPA consists of an independently functioning team of experts who work under the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers in the Union Government –responsible for monitoring and controlling the overall prices of drugs in India.

The Revised Price Order of the Anti-Cancer Drugs

As per the revised order of the authority, the maximum price for the injection of chemotherapy named “pemetrexed” of 500 mg –that is sold under the Pemxcel brand name and used for treating lung cancer, has been reduced from 22,000 INR to 2,800 INR. Similarly, the 100mg dosage of the same drug will be now costing 800 INR in comparison to the previous 7,700 INR.

The price of yet another common anti-cancer drug named “epirubicin” –under the brand name of Epichlor, has been reduced to around 276.8 INR against 561 INR for the 10mg injection. A majority of other anti-cancer drugs have also experienced a major cut down in the overall retail prices by the authority on the pretext of making cancer treatment easily affordable by all in the country. NPPA has reduced the anti-cancer drug retail price as its second attempt since March this year. Following its order, as many as 72 formulations along with over 390 brands have reduced the retail costs of the anti-cancer drugs. The patients and the respective families look forward to this decision as a turning point in how cancer is being treated in the country.

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