Good News For Mesothelioma Patients


Recently a drug called Larotrectinib has been approved by FDA. An orphan drug is a type of drug used to treat rare forms of cancer. Before the approval by FDA, larotrectinib had an orphan drug status. The drug company Bayer sells larotrectinib by the brand name Vitraki. Larotrectinib identifies a genetic mutation called TRK gene fusion and blocks it which prevents all types of cancer caused by TRK fusion. Biomarkers serve as indicators and then doctors could see which type of cancer is possible.

Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer type which isn’t easy to fight. Recently its published in ” The Journal of Clinical Oncology” that TRK fusion and mesothelioma are related to each other

A study was conducted among patients who had mesothelioma. Biphasic mesothelioma was a common subtype of this genetic alteration among that patients and exposure to asbestos was also observed in them. The effective treatment that provided a relief to such patients was through larotrectinib. This drug creates a wider platform to prove the efficacy of genetic-based cancer treatment.

David Hyman approved targeted mesothelioma therapy for genomic alterations as it showed remarkable results in clinical trials for TRK fusion cancers. 75% people responded to treatment from which 73% showed a response which lasted for 6 months. 22% of patients showed a complete response.

Along its outstanding performance larotrectinib has a drawback as well. Immunohistochemical testing (IHC) is an expensive test which is necessary for the patients who are to be treated with larotrectinib. especially is done to see whether the treatment would be a or not.

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