Given 4 Weeks to Live Man claims to be Completely cured by Cannabis Oil

Cancer treatment making use of cannabis oil has been found to be successful in curing an elderly man who was having stage IV lung cancer.

While we might come across reports of cannabis being used for effective cancer treatment, most of the times we tend to ignore the same. However, for Stan Rutner –the 50-year-old man, the cannabis oil treatment served to be a blessing as it helped him to go into remission after he struggled with Stage IV lung cancer for over a long time. Moreover, Stan was able to go into remission just six days after using cannabis oil for his treatment.

Cannabis Oil Helps in Curing a Man with Stage IV Lung Cancer

Stan Rutner –a retired dentist by profession, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma some 25 years ago. He started undergoing conventional allopathic treatments for the disease including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. His cancer went into remission in 1989. Stan started living his life to the fullest after that.

However, in 2011, after developing a chronic cough, the doctors found that Stan was having stage IV lung cancer. The advanced stage of lung cancer had metastasized to his brain. This resulted in the stage of entering an inoperable brain tumor. At this moment, Stan was in his later 70s. The continued series of chemotherapy and radiation therapy only deteriorated his health.

The Miraculous Cancer Treatment

As Stan was giving away to his deteriorating health, he was given 4 weeks to live by the doctors. To ease out his suffering, the doctors tried giving him alternative treatments like acupuncture and Reiki. Soon enough his daughter started doing research on the cannabis oil treatment for cancer. Stan started taking the cannabis oil capsules in November 2011.

After taking the capsule for around three weeks, his nausea had ended and his appetite improved as well. He also started gaining some weight and strength. Once Stan started feeling better, Stan continued taking his cannabis oil capsules infused with coconut oil. He even ditched his walker to start doing exercises on a daily basis. After five months, Stan gave further tests for his condition. The results came showing the message “No evidence of recurrent disease.” At the same time, Stan’s brain tumor had disappeared as well.

This creates hope for the role of cannabis oil in the overall treatment of cancer in the future.  

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