Flavonoid-rich Diet Helps in Preventing Cancer & Heart Diseases

A study reveals that consuming a diet rich in flavonoids can help in preventing cancer along with heart diseases.

In an all-new study at the leading School of Medical & Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University & the School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Western Australia. The team analyzed the data of diets from as many as 53,048 people for over 23 years. It was observed that the people who consumed a Danish diet (involving more flavonoids) had lower risks of developing cancer as well as heart diseases in the long run. Flavonoids are a class of plant-based polyphenolic compounds that are found abundant in fresh fruits, vegetables, tea, red wine, and dark chocolates.

The Study Involving Flavonoid-rich Foods

Dr. Nicola Bondonno –the leading author of the study, states that as the study was successful in finding a lower risk of deaths in people consuming a flavonoid-rich diet, its overall proactive effects also revealed that such a diet could also be helpful for those at a higher risk of developing chronic diseases due to increased alcohol consumption or smoking. Dr. Nicola further states that these findings are vital as they aim at highlighting the overall potential of flavonoid-rich food items in preventing cancer as well as heart diseases –especially in people having a higher risk of developing chronic diseases.

Results of the Study

The study also emphasizes the fact that flavonoid consumption alone cannot help in counteracting all the potential risks of deaths that are caused by higher alcohol consumption or increased smoking. The experts recommend that the best way to ensure the same is through quitting smoking and limiting one’s intake of alcohol on a daily basis.

The study observed that participants who consumed around 50 mg of flavonoids through their diets had a lower risk of developing cancer as well as heart-related diseases in the long run. Dr. Bondonno further explains that it is equally important to consume different kinds of flavonoids through your diet. You can come across an abundance of flavonoids in fruits and vegetables. You can easily achieve the same through a single diet –a cup of tea, one orange, one apple, around 100 grams of blueberries, and around 100 grams of broccoli, are all that would provide your body with a wide range of flavonoid compounds and over 500 mg of flavonoids on a daily basis.

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