First-ever Cancer Treatment Center on US Reservation Opens in Tuba City

The locals of the Tuba City are excited as the first-ever cancer treatment center on the US reservation has made its opening here.

Famously referred to as the “House of Hope,” the all-new cancer treatment center in the Tuba City has become the first-ever treatment center to offer cancer-related services on US reservation. The president at Navajo Nation recently welcomed Dr. Jill Biden along with other health specialists to the Tuba City in the United States. The main purpose of their visit was to inspect the ongoing construction of the first-ever cancer treatment center located on the Navajo Nation. It is also the first of any kind of reservation in the nation.

The cancer care center at the Tuba City THRHCC will be aimed at providing oncology services to the Hopi & Navajo people. The care center will also aim at providing support groups along with other services to the people here having different types of cancers.

Why the Navajo Nation?

The Navajo Nation in the United States is just the size of West Virginia with around 350,000 members. Lynette Bonar –the CEO at the Tuba City Regional Healthcare Corporation, states the importance of having a dedicated cancer care & treatment center here. Jonathan Nez –President at Navajo Nation and Bonar, both emphasize the importance of the care center stating that the new treatment center will help the patients who are currently under the requirement of traveling to hundreds of miles to receive the desired treatment in Flagstaff.

Nez also noted that cancer patients in Navajo Nation are in need to receive the treatment many times a month. However, the overall lack of resources and the need to travel long distances hamper the treatment. Moreover, uranium mining in the Navajo Nation has also increased the number of cancer-related cases amongst the residents.

What is in for the Patients Now?

While the all-new cancer care & treatment center has just been opened, the cancer center would depend on the people in the immediate areas of the Tuba City. This is essential due to the overall need for funding. Bonar states that reimbursement issues are quite challenging. There is no denying the fact that medication might be expensive. Therefore, there is an increased need to work with the respective federal government over ensuring medical reimbursement effectively.

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