Fight Cancer, You’re Worth it!


Ghadeer Kunna is a forty-seven-year-old woman, who is a policy and strategy professional. Kunna had benign tumors at the age of 29 which made her better her habits. She would work out five days a week, eat healthy food, and took care of herself. With no family history of breast cancer, she was sure she could not develop breast cancer. A decade later, her tumors mutated (noncancerous) and doctors advised for their removal. However, at the age of 43, she was diagnosed with aggressive stage III breast cancer, which spread out from her breast to her lymph node.

Kunna discussed her experience throughout her treatment. She found it most hard to cope up with chemotherapy side effects. She felt depleted but what cancer didn’t deplete was her love for her family and friends who supported her and gave her the strength to fight back.

Kunna specifically mentions her mother to have been her “rock” throughout, along with the support she got from friends and co-workers. Kunna found herself becoming a very tough and determined person, the core of which she relates to her family’s and friends’ support. She knew she was loved by her closest people, she was not alone in this and that made her fight back.

The mantra of this brave woman is, “And still I rise, like the Phoenix from the ashes, burning and bright.” Even at her lowest, Kunna refused to give up. She believes it is okay to cry from being overwhelmed by pain and frustration, but then to gather your energy, to brush off any “cobwebs” and fight and fight. The main drive behind this fight, she believes, is that “you are worth it” all the way. The strength of people’s love and support counts but she emphasized that it is you who have to do the work first for yourself. It is you who take control over your situation and battle against this disease, because only you know what it is to go through this disease with all its fears and concerns, and therefore, you have the most power to fight back, to live for your worth, for all the beautiful things in life, for your dreams and your identity. It is you who is the most powerful in this situation, that can deplete cancer itself! You have yourself and that self can do more than you can ever perceive!