Family- The Most Important Support System


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Being diagnosed with cancer is no less than a crisis! And, at this crisis one needs the never-ending love and support of family. Support from family is not just a word that lifts the cancer patient out of the darkness but also allows the “rays of hope” to shine through when they are vulnerable at the most. Evie Clair is one of the “rays of hope” for her father who was diagnosed with the stage IV colon cancer having approximately 5% survival chances for him.

Despite being from a very small town Florence in Arizona, Evie’s passion for singing brought her at the stage of one of the popular reality tv show “America’s Got Talent”. Here she shared how her father worked hard in order to support their family even when he was diagnosed with this devastating disease. During his treatment when he had to go through rough times she would sing him the song “Arms” by Christina Perri to support him and encourage him to get through. At this popular tv show, she chose to sing the same song and dedicated it to her father.

For most of the people, it is a challenge to seek help from anyone; however, seeking help, support, care, and motivation keeps the spirit up during this constant battle. The support from the near and dear ones envelope the cancer patients with their love and encouragement which gradually helps and motivates them to bravely face the situation and fight cancer. It is a blessing to have a family because they are always there with their arms stretched out no matter what the situation is all you have to do is to hold on!