EGCG Present in Tea Can Help Prevent Cancer


Tea has been a traditional beverage in many cultures since ancient times, much to its benefits for our health. Scientific evidence upholds the benefits of tea, from loss of weight to preventing cancer.

Tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) are processed in various ways to form various types of tea. The most beneficial type is green tea with its antioxidant content really high. However, black tea without the inclusion of milk has many health benefits as well. Milk in black tea inactivates flavonoids so black tea without milk is better.

Plant chemicals like polyphenols, catechins and flavanols are responsible for the antioxidant function of the tea. These ingredients have the benefits of superfoods like red wine, dark chocolate and blueberries. Green tea does have a small amount of caffeine, but it is termed as one of the healthiest beverages. It has healing compounds that are more effective than fruits and vegetables, certain spices and herbs. In short, it is a superfood. Most important is the component EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) which has the ability to prevent cancer.

Green tea helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, thanks to its ACE-inhibiting effect that provides more blood to the heart to pump. It is generally good for all people, as it keeps our brain protected from oxidative stress pertaining to memory loss. It relaxes and soothes any stressed person due to an amino acid (theanine) present in it. Green tea has no risk of caffeine jitters.

The inclusion of this beverage daily in your diet can counter cancer with no side effects, instead, it is anti-aging, it regulates blood and sugar balance, and it maintains the health of our heart. Hence, drinking a cup of green tea should be made a habit because it is a superfood and it is full of benefits!