Efforts of Dr. Boman and Colorectal Cancer


Colorectal Cancer is killing people all around the world and the second major cause of penalties in the US. A study was led by senior research scientist Bruce Boman. It has an effort of various co-author and was funded in parts by National Institutes of Health and Cancer *B* Ware Foundation. It has identified a key signaling pathway that regulates the growth of colon cancer. Dr. Boman aims at developing stem cell targeting therapies to fight colon cancer. Cancer cells grow due to dysregulation and malfunctioning of stem cells so cancer can be treated if those stem cells are removed.

We can control colon cancer development by retinoic acid signaling pathway. ALDH is an enzyme and a biomarker. It plays a role in retinoic acid signaling and tracking overpopulation of stem cells.

There is a decreased growth of ALDH-positive colon cancer stem cells which produces the anticancer effect of the retinoic acid pathway. Retinoic acid helps stem cells to differentiate which stops the proliferation of cancer cells. So Retinoic Acid drugs derived from Vitamin A can be used in the treatment as they would decrease the number of resistant cells and reduce the ability of cancer stem cells to renew.

A derivative of retinoic acid called as all-trans retinoic acid was clinically tested and it was seen that it stem cell viability, it also down-regulates gene expression of ALDH stem cell biomarker.

Dr. Boman creates new dimensions for treating colorectal cancer and diversified the treatment for it. He has worked a lot to improve the quality and survival for colorectal cancer patients. Nicholas J. says “Dr. Boman presents us with a broader view of the origins of colorectal cancer at the cellular and molecular level.”