Drug Reveals Promise for the Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancers

An all-new drug has revealed promising results for the treatment of metastatic breast cancers.
A new targeted drug therapy has been found by a team of researchers. The all-new therapy aims at treating cases of metastatic breast cancer along with other aggressive forms of breast cancers.

Caroline Moore-Kochlacs –a doctoral student pursuing a course in Neuroscience was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that had spread to other vital organs including liver and bones. After undergoing several treatments, her cancer only returned. When Caroline arrived at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, she received the match with the right research study of an all-new treatment for her condition.

An investigational drug named “sactiuzumabgovitecan” was responsible for keeping her cancer from advancing for over two years. Caroline was surprised at this as the median survival rate for her type of cancer tends to be around three years.

The Innovative Drug

The initial development of the drug “sactiuzumabgovitecan” in the clinical research for the treatment of breast cancer was led by Aditya Bardia –MD & MPh along with being the Director of Precision Medicine at the reputed Center for Breast Cancer. Aditya is also the Founding Director of MAP (Molecular & Precision Medicine) Metastatic Breast Cancer Clinic at Mass General. The drug developed by the team of researchers has been given the term “smart bomb.” It allows the medical team to target as well as deliver high doses of the respective toxic payload to the specific cancer cells.
The respective “antibody-drug conjugates” serve to be the potential anti-cancer drugs because of the presence of antibody within them. Just like a key, the antibody binds itself to the lock antigen that remains concentrated in the tumors. Upon unlocking, the drug is capable of releasing higher doses of chemotherapy drugs directly into the specific tumor.

Results of the Clinical tests

The clinical trials led by Dr. Aditya are known to have set the overall safety, effectiveness, and the optimal dose of the drug. As per a recent report that was published in the reputed New England Journal of Medicine, the new drug therapy has revealed significant results in women –especially those whose triple negative breast cancer has earlier not provided a response to any kind of clinical treatment. This serves to be a new hope to the patients all around with breast cancer.

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