Doctors Refer Lack of Funds for Pediatric Cancer Research as a “Public Health Crisis”

As kids all around the world tend to bear with the deadly types of cancers, the lack of funds available for advanced research in the field of pediatric cancer is declared as “public health crisis” by the leading doctors.

The post aims at highlighting the story of three kids who are currently battling deadly, scary diseases. The main reason for their overall suffering is the motive to learn more about the ways to fight the disease and ensure its treatments.

Danica Taylor’s Heartwarming Story

Danica Taylor is a beautiful three-year-old girl from Skagway, Alaska. While she loves dancing around and going barefoot, she is also intrigued by animated characters and love for life. When Danica was just 21 months of age, she was diagnosed with a rare form of fast-growing tumor in her spinal cord and brain referred to as “A-typical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor.” She reached the Seattle Children’s Hospital with her parents for getting treated for the disease. During her treatment, she was subjected to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and even surgeries.

Danica’s Clinical Trials

Just last year, Danica became the first-ever patient at the Seattle Children’s Hospital to get enrolled into the Phase II/III clinical trials of Tumor Paint or tozuleristide. The Tumor Pain serves to be an intravenous medicine that reaches the brain tumor. The brain tumor tends to fluoresce under the impact of the medicine such that the neurosurgeon is able to make a proper distinction between the brain tumor and the normal brain tissues. This allows for ensuring better resection.

The doctors were able to succeed during the clinical trials of Danica, and today, she is cancer-free. Dr. Nick Vitanza –MD & an oncologist at the Seattle Children’s Hospital was also one of the doctors to the clinical trials of Danica. He explains that the NIH (National Institutes for Health) delivers only 4 percent of its overall funding for the purpose of research on pediatric cancer. While the total number of patients might not be much, still the overall effects on the families and society are quite massive. Dr. Vitanza says that the government, including other public agencies, have not backed any funding for pediatric cancer research. As such, the situation currently should be declared a public health crisis.

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