Data Sharing Company helps improve cancer patient outcomes and reduce total cost of care


Cancer diagnosis and treatment is considered to be one of the most expensive and cumbersome procedures. Around the world, oncologists have been attempting to find ways to simplify the diagnostic process and medical experts are looking for ways to reduce the expenses incurred during cancer treatment. According to a careful estimate by the American Cancer Society for the year 2014, the patients had to pay around 4 billion dollars for cancer treatment and the country had to pay a whopping 88 billion dollars for the same purpose.

Keeping in view this predicament, the doctors have been seeking the help of data companies. These data companies are committed to ensuring that the data generated during cancer treatment and therapy is effectively shared between the oncology communities. While making use of this data, the financial impact of treatment can be effectively reduced and it can also simplify the clinical outcomes.

The idea of utilization of data being shared is to devise a mechanism with which the patient should be getting the precise amount of medication and care at an individual level. Dr. Andrew Pecora has founded Cota in 2011 with the help of engineers, doctors and data scientists to professionalize the concept of precision treatment.

Cota collects the medical data of a patient and converts it into a digital code which resembles a barcode. The medical data of the patient includes their family history, genomics and history of their disease and its treatment. The concept of this digital code is innovative and amazing; that is what differentiates Cota from other data companies. Using the barcode of a particular patient, oncologists can find patients having relatable barcodes and see the choices their doctors made for the treatment and the reaction of the patient to the medication. This information can help the oncologists to optimize their treatment and reduce its cost as well.