Cure Glioblastoma


Glioblastoma is a type of aggressive brain cancer. It is also called grade-IV astrocytoma. According to medical industry sources each year 240,000 new cases come out.  A drug has been discovered by neuroscientists at Sheba Medical Center to fight this type of brain cancer. It has been discovered by Dr. Efrat Shavit Stein and Professor Yoav Chapman. after a great deal of research and there is not a cure identified yet. These scientists believe there could be hope for this type of cancer.

PAR-1 protease-activated receptor and thrombin are those substances that help glioblastoma to grow. Scientists studied the chemical structures of these compounds and formed a drug called SIXAC. SIXAC is a new 6 amino acid based compound. It inhibits the activation of PAR-1 and inhibits cancer growth.


The drug shows a three-dimensional effect by reducing the ability of cancer cells for colonization, reducing growth and also reducing penetration power. Professor Chapman says that “the drug has shown outstanding performance in an animal model of the tumor and we hope to be able to use it soon in human subjects with terrible diseases.”

When applied to animal models with a brain tumor the drug showed a noticeable effect. It extended the life of those animals and a clear shrinkage of their tumors were observed. Thus, it shows that SIXAC has the ability to reduce tumor growth and can fight cancer. It also highlights the role of thrombin and PAR-1 in cancer progression.

Researchers are now hopeful that SIXAC will aid along radiotherapy and chemotherapy for glioblastoma patients. The team now is heading to prepare and administer the drug in humans and for this, they are focusing on management of finance for the project.