Cure for Acute Leukemia Within Reach -First Time in 40 Years


Acute leukemia happens to be one of the most aggressive forms of cancer out there. While other forms of cancer might have received the benefits of some type of cure & treatments, there has not been any positive news when it comes to the patients having acute leukemia – until now!

In new research, the team of researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has come up with the all-new biological drug that can help in treating leukemia. Professor Yinon Ben-Neriah along with his research team at the university has developed the biological drug that has been tested positive for around 50 percent of the lab mice tests having acute myeloid leukemia.

Myeloid leukemia is responsible for producing a high quantity of the specific type of proteins – together they form up the leukemic cells that promote rapid growth and eventually death protection from treatments like chemotherapy.

Until now, most of the biological drugs for treating acute leukemia had been targeting only the individual leukemic proteins. However, in the latest “targeted therapy” treatments, most of the leukemic cells rapidly activated the other subsequent proteins for blocking the drug. The result was that the leukemic cells became resistant to the drugs and this led to the renewal of the disease.

However, the all-new biological drug developed by the team of researchers led by Ben-Neriah functions like a group bomb. It is known for attacking several leukemic cells at a time. Thus, it makes it difficult for the leukemic cells to reactivate the other proteins that could evade the therapy. In addition to this, the drug also accomplishes the task of 2-3 individual drugs –reducing the exposure of the cancer patients to additional treatments and the unnecessary need for dealing with the potential side effects.