Conroe Raises $700K for Promoting Firefighter Cancer Program

Ken Kreger –the Fire Chief at Conroe, hopes that the all-new firefighter cancer program might be helpful in reducing the overall risk of cancer along with cancer-related deaths amongst the firefighters in the department.

Conroe aims at raising as much as $700K for promoting the specialized firefighter cancer program –aimed at reducing the overall risk as well as cancer-related deaths amongst the firefighters in the organization. Ken Kreger –the Fire Chief at Conroe believes that the program can help in creating cancer awareness while reducing the overall number of cases amongst the firefighters at the same time. The Conroe City Council settled at allocating as much as $700K fund for the promotion of the Firefighter Cancer Prevention Program. The given program was earlier not budgeted and needed a proper budget amendment for the same.

Details of the Conroe Firefighter Cancer Prevention Program

Kreger, in a statement, told the council members that this program was quite dear to him. As per the reports of the National Fire Prevention Association, the organization named “National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health” had recently undertaken two major studies that were focused on the cancer-related cases of the firefighters. The studies concluded that the firefighters tend to face a 9% increased rate of cancer diagnoses along with a 14% increased rate of cancer-related deaths in comparison to the general population in the United States of America.

Kreger added that the fund that has been allocated by the council would help in addressing the major risks. This would include the provision of a second set of gear to the firefighters. He added that it is quite crucial for all the firefighters such that they are not required to put on the gear during the shift that might have been contaminated during some earlier shift. The contaminated gear can be worn again after proper cleaning.

Role of the Council’s Fund to Helping the Firefighters

Kreger said that the fumes that emanate from the fire trucks at the fire stations are a major concern. As such, the funds from the council will help in remodeling several fire stations along with the provision of gear & other items, including ice machines. Kreger also added that the retrofitting of the stations might have its pros and cons. Still, depending on the funding, several lives of the firefighters can be saved significantly.

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