Common Cold Virus Attacks and Kills Bladder Cancer Cells

A recent study reveals that the common cold virus can attack, infect, and even kill bladder cancer cells.

In a surprising series of events, a recent study revealed that the common cold virus could attack, infect, and even kill the bladder cancer cells. The study involving as many as 15 bladder cancer patients revealed that all the potential signs of bladder cancer disappeared in a patient. Moreover, in the other 14 patients, there were signs that bladder cancer cells had died upon infection by the common cold virus. The researchers at the University of Surrey said that the virus can serve as the revolutionary treatment for cancer and help in reducing the chances of its recurrence.

The non-muscle invasive form of bladder cancer is regarded as the 10th most common type of cancer in the United Kingdom. Almost 10,000 new cases of this form of cancer are reported every year. Currently, the types of treatments available for this cancer type are invasive and could lead to toxic or harmful side effects. Moreover, constant monitoring is required to ensure that cancer does not return easily.

The Study Involving the Common Cold Virus

In the given study, as many as 15 patients with bladder cancer were given CVA-21 (coxsackievirus) that is known to be cancer-killing. The treatment was given through a catheter right one week before the surgical removal of the tumor.

After surgery, when the sample tissues were studied, there were signs that the common cold virus had attacked and killed the cancer cells. Upon death of the cancer cells, the common cold virus only reproduced itself to kill more cancer cells. At the same, all the healthy cells remained intact with no effect from the virus.

Prof. Hardev Pandha, the study leader at the University of Surrey, revealed that the common cold virus is known to get inside the cancer cells and kill the same through the triggering of immune protein. This signals the other cells in the immune system to come and join the virus in killing the cancer cells.

One of the most significant aspects of the study that no side effects were observed in the patients during the study.

New Treatment Era

As per the study, the latest plan is to make use of the common cold virus along with a targeted immunotherapy drug treatment –referred to as checkpoint inhibitor. Future trials of the study are expected to be performed in more patients.

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