Combined Efforts to Fight Cancer and Specificity of Lung Cancer


Everybody wants to stay fit and enjoy a healthy life that is free from illness. But what written in fate can’t be denied and we are helpless in the confrontation of diseases. Sometimes inherited diseases are among the life taking ones. There is a variety of such diseases and one of them is cancer. It is the excessive growth of cells which creates tumors.

Cancer might occur at different locations in the body and one of them is devastating lung cancer. According to the European Respiratory Journal, 25% of lung cancer cases aren’t related to smoking. This is the information derived from data collected in the year 2015. Though smoking kills people with lung cancer but such lung cancer death is also killing non-smokers. Previously chemotherapy was used to treat lung cancer but now radiotherapy, targeted therapy, and surgery are also used to treat cancer. A biopsy is aided by biomarker testing in which mutations in cancerous cells are recognized and specific drugs are used for treatment. Tagrisso (Osimertinib) is an oral tablet that targets tumors EGFR mutations is an example. By the use of Tagrisso, the risk of metastasis of lung cancer and death risk is reduced by 52% and 37% respectively so it’s recommended as the first line of treatment for lung cancer.

Dr. Josue talks about the role of support in the lives of cancer patients and says “Being diagnosed with lung cancer can make patients feel anxious and hopeless, which is why support is vital.” Cancer is not only a curable disease but can be treated very well. Cancer patients should be motivated to stay determined in their fight against cancer. Combined efforts are done in the Philippines to support and encourage cancer patients. Different societies are made in which cancer patients share their experience and they look to find out a better treatment.