Combination of Molecules Found to be Effective in the Treatment of Cancer in Mice


Research has it that immunotherapy is one of the best most effective ways of treating cancer wherein the own immunity cells of the patient are coded to attack the tumor. This approach turns out to be successful. However, it turns out expensive as it gets customized as per the specific requirements of each patient. Recent experiments in the field of cancer research & treatment have come up with a comparatively less expensive approach that could help in activating the immune system of any individual against cancer.

Scientists are injecting tumors with specific molecules and viruses for finding something that would activate the entire immune system of the body to kill tumor & any other form of metastases. There have been successful results in some animals including mice, but not in the human beings. Ron Levy along with his team of researchers at Stanford University has come up with 20 distinct molecules that they consider might do the trick well.

The team of researchers led by Ron induced the tumors in mice through the injection of the same just below the surface of the skin within two separate locations. Once the tumors commenced growing rapidly, the scientists went forward with injecting the distinct 20 molecules individually or in combinations to the tumors.

As a result of their study, the scientists found success with one pair of the molecules. One specific molecule referred to as “CpG” –made up of two bases making up the DNA. Now, the team of researchers looks forward to accelerating the research towards finding hope in the field of cancer treatment.