Carol Neufeld’s, A Cancer Fighter, Inspirational Story


Coming 28th August, a persistent cancer fighter, Carol Neufeld, will be battling with ovarian cancer for 10 years. When she was first diagnosed with cancer, she like most of the patients, could not believe what she had was severe and when she was briefed with treatment options, all she could think was, “What’s the use.” She continued her fight though, went into remission after chemotherapy that lasted 18 months. The next round of chemo, called Doxel, made her feel like she was scorched under her arms and legs. Her battle continued, and with it, she resolutely fought.

But among all these hardships, Carol found a purpose in helping other people. She found more meaning in what she had than what she had not, she claimed to be yet blessed with her husband, her children, her grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. She believes she is blessed to have God, to have the doctor she met at her initial treatments. She projects this positivity in her wish, “I’d pray that I could bring somebody hope.”

The beautiful memories Carol recalls are the conversations during her treatments she had with her fellow patients, to whom she listened, she provided them hope and inspiration. She misses those treatments because of what good she made out of it, and whenever, she goes back, she meets everyone she knows and even those she does not. She is a free happy spirit, when she goes around, offering hugs and hope to all she comes across.

Carol recalls the people of her community at the church who still pray for her, through teary eyes. She derives immense strength from their support and prayers. Carol believes cancer has changed her life and has made her a fighter, an “energizer bunny” who refuses to quit!  She recalls how she founds mirth in playing with her grandkids and great-grandkids. How she would grow out her hair with a hopeful outlook on her future to come. Carol’s source of inspiration comes from her youngest son who was diagnosed with cancer as a young adult, who is a survivor for 16 years now.

Carol prays that she sees each of her children graduate, marry and see her great-grandchildren, with whom she has been blessed. She is a strong believer and even looks forward to the home she believes she will have in heaven. Her hope apparently has no boundaries and so should not yours!