CAR-T Therapy Serves to be the New Promising Cancer Treatment for Fighting Tumors

CAR-T therapy has gained the reputation of being a promising treatment for cancer when it comes to fighting tumors effectively.

CAR-T therapy has served to be the latest revolutionary treatment option for fighting tumors effectively. CAR-T is an effective treatment that can provide help the immune system of the body towards fighting deadly forms of cancers including blood cancers. The all-new therapy for cancer treatment is creating new hope amongst the cancer patients of the world. It can also be used for treating different types of cancers in the coming times.

CAR-T Therapy for Cancer Treatment

CAR-T Therapy Serves to be the New Promising Cancer Treatment for Fighting Tumors

The treatment –referred to as the CAR-T Therapy makes use of the concept of genetically modifying the body cells of the patient for helping them in identifying as well as targeting cancer cells. The first-ever CAR-T therapies were given approval in 2017 for some cases of lymphomas and leukemia. After undergoing alteration in the laboratory, the modified cells of the immune system of the body are returned to the patient through the IV. The specialists put the cells back where the cancer cells reside in the blood. While CAR-T therapy is known to work well for blood cancers, it might not be able to deliver the same results in other cancers including colon, lung, breast, and others. This is because it is difficult for the modified cells to travel far across the bloodstream.

An All-New CAR-T Therapy

In a recent study, Dr. Prasad Adusumilli at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, has come up with the design of a new CAR-T therapy for avoiding the existing issues. His team has tested the all-new CAR-T therapy on as many as 19 patients having mesothelioma and 2 other patients having lung & breast cancer. In the given approach, the modified cells were injected directly into the location of the tumors.

After receiving the revolutionary therapy, one patient was capable of having surgery as well as radiation. Even after 20 months of the treatment, the patient is completely normal with no visible issues. 15 other patients were capable of starting on a drug that helped in boosting the immune system. Two patients had symptoms of cancer disappearing for around a year. In all the cases of patients who were subjected to the treatment, there were no possible signs of side effects after the treatment.

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