Cancer Vaccine Appears Promising in Human Trials of Patients with Lymphoma

In a recent study, an all-new cancer vaccine has shown promising results when it was tested on human trials of patients having lymphoma.

A study conducted at the famous Mount Sinai Hospital in New York revealed a promising vaccine that proved hopeful results for patients with lymphoma. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature Medicine and revealed that the vaccine has delivered promising results during clinical trials on patients with lymphoma. The vaccine was utilized in patients having cancer. Therefore, it is not considered preventive like that of a flu vaccine.

A team of researchers at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York had tested as many as 11 patients having lymphoma. The results of the given study were quite successful towards warranting another human-based clinical trial on patients with lymphoma along with those having head & neck and breast cancer.

The Treatment Involving Cancer Vaccine

Dr. Joshua Brody –the lead author of the study and the director of the lymphoma immunotherapy program, said that the given treatment tends to have broad implications for different types of cancers. The given vaccine-related method can also help in increasing the overall effectiveness of other types of immunotherapies including checkpoint blockade.

The scientists aim at referring the test as a “vaccine” as it enters the immune system of the patient towards fighting the disease. However, it is still not preventive in any form like the flu vaccine. In the given case, the vaccine-based treatment aims at teaching the body to recognize as well as fight the tumors located across the body.

The Results of the Study

The team of researchers has created the treatment directly inside the cancer cells or tumor. For doing the same, the researchers injected a single tumor with a type of stimulant for recruiting the respective immune cells of the body. It helped in treating the tumor with low-dose radiation. The tumor was again injected with a type of stimulant for activating the immune cells. The immune cells of the body that were activated traversed across the body and killed the tumors wherever they came across the same while sparing the non-cancerous cells.

In the given study, around three patients reported not only the shrinking of the tumor that was being treated, but also of the tumor cells that were located in different parts of the body. These patients entered the stage of complete remission.

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