Cancer Survivor turned Licensed Physician – The Inspiring Journey

Albien Emmanuel Gacias –a new passer of the reputed Licensure Examination for becoming a professional physician, aims at inspiring others as he looks forward to sharing his journey of becoming a licensed physician from being a cancer survivor.

On 14th March, Gacias took to his Facebook profile to write a post in which he presented the picture of his #10yearchallenge. In the given post, there were two images side by side –one revealing his condition ten years ago and the other representing his current image. The main idea of the post was to show how he took up his cancer journey to convert the tag of being called a cancer survivor to being referred to as a professional physician now.

Albien’s Inspiring Journey

In his Facebook post, Albien was observed writing that how ten years ago, he was only praying to get healed from deadly cancer. However, he added that, back then, he had no idea that God will make him a mode of healing others as well.

Upon further interview, Albien stated that he got diagnosed with Malignant Germ Cell Tumor –a type of lung cancer, during the time of July 2008. At this time, Albien was just 18 years old. He says that during the time that he was diagnosed with cancer, he was worried about the fact that he would have to stop studying. He was a nursing student and dreamt of becoming a professional physician one day. He was also immensely scared of his cancer diagnosis as he was the eldest in all of his family.

Albien’s Recovery & the Path to Success

As Albien was diagnosed with cancer, the journey of his fight for the disease was not at all easy. He was made to undergo a series of surgical operations, including lobectomy of his lungs along with multiple chemotherapy & radiotherapy sessions.

As he got free from cancer, it was his brother (whom Albien lost to an accident) that inspired him to study further and obtain the license for being a professional physician. While Albien lost his mother to pancreatic cancer in 2006, he was determined to join a profession involving treating and healing those who suffer.

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