Cancer Patient Fights Terminal Cancer Through Alternative Treatments!


Carol Armstrong has fought with cancer for about twenty years to the point when her cancer was announced to be incurable. She was given just few months to live and the family had been distraught with this result. However, Carol and her family, refused to give up and took to look for any other remedy possible.

Carol was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, which she managed to live with through regular checkups and hospital visits. Carol claims that the cancer never limited her. Even though her doctors had termed her cancer to be low-grade, that it would not go out of the bladder, a routine check-up conducted previous year revealed the presence of tumors in her left lung. The tumor was in the near vicinity of the heart and thus, it was almost impossible to operate on it. As a result, Carol was given three to twelve months to live. This utterly shocked the whole family.

However, Carol’s husband, Rob Armstrong and her four daughters did not accept any form of defeat, they struggled to find some alternative treatment and scoured through the internet. Their research paid off and they came across Japan. They contacted the best of the best doctors, Professor Hiroshi Terunuma, from Biotherapy Institute of Japan, with the help of an Australian cancer navigation specialist. Within a week, Carol was in Japan for her first appointment.

In Japan, she went though proton beam therapy and several immunotherapy cell treatments. After, going through proton beam therapy (targeted radiation treatment), white blood cells were injected into her which were taken and stored before. After three treatments, her tumors reduced to the size of 28mm from 37mm. It is reduced to such a point now that it is barely detectable, with no other signs of cancer in her body.

Carol Armstrong and her husband believe that the medical treatment should fill in the patients more about alternative solutions. As far as the cost of the treatment is concerned, Armstrong said it was a low six-figure sum which could have been five-figure, if weren’t for travelling expenses. In short, the couple deem overseas cancer treatment to be within the realm of possibility.

The lesson from Carol Armstrong story is that even in most hopeless of cases, we should struggle to look for alternative treatments and not give up in any case.