Cancer Cannot Take Away Who You Are!


A parent, a husband, a friend, a son, a hero, Paul, is a determined fighter against cancer. Strongest people are not those who manage to overcome difficulties, but those who know how to live through their difficulties without changing who they are.

A technician in the emergency room of the hospital, Paul, when hit by stage IV lung cancer, stood tall and tackled with it just the way he has tackled life so many times before. This inspirational personality has been a basketball coach for girls and is a homeless shelter volunteer. His humble personality continues to work for the people’s betterment even when his own life took on such an endangering turn of life. The key to his success is that he does not believe in focusing on the problems but works his way around them.

When Paul got the news of his disease, he was fearful for his future. But the real essence of this man took a better hold of him and he emerged as a persistent fighter, who did not give up on the mission of his life –  to continue to serve others. The strength he derived is from within who he is and from what, his beautiful family and friends, provided for him. It is for the sake of his endearing wife, Natalie and his kids, Erinn and Jeremiah, that he kept up a positive approach to this battle.

Paul focuses upon what he can do instead of what has been taken away from him by his ailment. The drive for him to get up every day is the endless treasure of love and care inside his own capacity that cancer can never take away from him. He cares for others, works for them, appreciates the presence of human bonds and precious memories of a life that cancer or any other disease can never ever steal! Every Friday morning, when his family waits to welcome him after his chemotherapy is a reminder of life that life will stay a life, will be there to be lived, no matter what hurdle cancer brings! His lips can still stretch into a peaceful smile that can tender anyone’s heart or his words are still there that can provide hope for any person out there! He still exists and he is who he is and perhaps, that is the most beautiful thing he can always perceive!