Can California Tap Water Cause Cancer?

A new study has claimed that drinking tap water continuously in California could potentially increase the overall risk of developing cancer in the long run.

A team of researchers from the group of environmental advocacy named “Environmental Working Group” in California has found that the contaminants present in the water systems from the public authorities in the state including radioactive elements like uranium, chromium-6, arsenic, and others, were responsible for the carcinogen properties in the tap waters in California.

Contaminant Water Systems to Blame

Dr. Nachman Brautbar has been working on cases involving Brockovich. He said that as soon as he saw the data stating the contaminants in the public water systems, he was not surprised at all as it was quite obvious. The current situation needs major concerns, and not panicking about the same.

The study involved inspecting as many as 2700 water systems of the communities across California. The results of the study found that the harmful contaminants present in the public water systems could contribute to over 15,500 cases of cancers in the long run –when people continued consuming tap water in the state.

Risk of Cancer from Contaminated Water

The water systems in California keep testing the presence of contaminants towards maintaining a safe supply of drinking water. The researchers calculated that the overall cancer risk by inspecting the reported levels of the contaminants in the tap water from 2011 to 2015.

Marty Adams –COO of the Department of Water & Power in Los Angeles, said in a statement that there is a real concern when the particular organization puts forth an unfounded report, it leads to an alarming situation about the overall quality of drinking water in Los Angeles.

A report from EWG says that small as well as mid-size communities are at the greatest risk. This is because these communities mostly lack the expensive infrastructure that might be required towards ensuring safe drinking water.

The study throws light on the importance of drinking pure, contaminant-free water towards ensuring optimal health.

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