Bruce Krot –Police Lt. at Dearborn Heights Succumbs to Cancer

After serving his department for around 20 years, Bruce Krot –a leading Police Lieutenant at Dearborn Heights, recently succumbed to his cancer. This is the instance of a hero who recently succumbed to cancer after fighting with colon cancer for as many as three years. Krot had served the Police Department at Dearborn Heights on the role of Police Lieutenant for over 20 years. Michael Petri –the Deputy Police Chief at Dearborn Heights recalls that Krot was a fighter and had worked up until the last weeks of his life.

Bruce Krot –the Hero Fighting Cancer

Lt. Krot –aged 50 years, was diagnosed with colon cancer in the year 2016. In 2017, the doctors discovered that his colon cancer had spread to his liver. DHPD –Dearborn Heights Police Department, says that throughout his 20 years of services in the police department, Bruce was a highly dedicated as well as an accomplished officer who was serving the police department. Throughout his career, Bruce had earned several citations completing over 1500 cases of drink & drive and so more. For his achievements, he even received the prestigious MADD –Mothers Against Drunk Driving award as many as 16 times in his role of a police officer.

The department revealed that Bruce was strong and was known for fighting cancer courageously. He stayed strong even until the end. Before his career as a Lieutenant at DHPD, Krot had served the role of the Police Officer at the United States Army Military. He served the United States Army Military for as many as 11 years.

Bruce’s Successful Career

The roof of a police patrol car at night, with the blue and red lights flashing.

During his military career for 11 years, Bruce was able to achieve the reputed rank of E-7 Sergeant First Class. He was even deployed with the 82nd Airborne on several occasions. He even served additional military services including Operation Snow Cap, Bolivia, Operation Just Cause, Panama, and Operation Desert Storm, Iraq. Bruce also received the opportunity to serve as a leading M60 gunner in the role of an undercover officer in the US Military.

In his personal life, Bruce was married to his high school sweetheart, namely Melissa Krot –a Detective at DHPD. The couple even served each other alongside during the Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Later on, Bruce started working for the Northville Police Department before he started working for DHPD in the year 1999.

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