Brendan Grace Passes Away at 68 Years After Battling Lung Cancer

Brendan Grace –the famous singer & comedian, passes away at the age of 68 years after battling lung cancer.

Brendan Grace was loved by all around as a famous singer and a comedian. However, he lost his battle to lung cancer recently at the age of 68 years. Only last week Grace had to cancel the summer tour after he received the deadly news that he was given treatment for pneumonia. During his treatment for pneumonia, the comedian received the diagnosis for lung cancer.

Brendan had four kids. He had been married to Eileen Doyle since 1973. Tributes are being paid to Grace. He was well-known for his role of Fr. Stack in the show Father Ted that was a worldwide hit.

The Comedy Legend

Brendan O’Carroll –the creator of Mr. Brown’s Boys, paid his tribute to Grace, referring him as a leading “comedy legend.” O’Carroll says that it is sad that a comedy legend has passed away who was also a great father, a great husband, and a great person throughout. He opened the doors for many other comedians out there in the world. Moreover, he also left a legacy of love as well as laughter with his echo through his acts of comedy.

With respect to his cancer treatment, O’Carroll added that Brendan fought his lung cancer with all his might. He even had his family live close by until his end –laughing and reminiscing until the moment Brendan left the world.

Brendan’s Rise to Stardom

Grace started out his career as a professional singer. He recorded the first-ever original version of his song namely Combine Harvester in 1975. He even toured the entire world and got an opportunity to perform with leading stars, namely Frank Sinatra.

After his successful career in singing, Brendan made the cross-over into the field of comedy. Soon enough, Brendan became famous for his role of Bottler –the cheeky schoolboy who wore a blazer, a cap, and shorts.

In 1996, Brendan appeared in the famous show Father Ted as Father Stack –a conservative priest who is known to torment the other key characters with rowdy behavior and loud music.

Brendan had been suffering from ill health for quite a long time. He even lost his toes to gangrene after he was diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2009.

His fans grieve Brendan’s death due to lung cancer.

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