Breast Cancer Awareness Month All Set to Welcome the All-new Pink YEEZY 500 Series

Kanye West has thought of going PINK when it comes to the all-time famous range of YIZEE 500 sneakers.

The launch of the latest all-new YIZEE 500 range of sneakers by Kanye West is going to go all-pink during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The sneaker range is expected to be launched this October and will be featuring the pastel “Soft Vision” YEEZY BOOST 500 series. The launch of the sneakers range is expected to coincide with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The YEEZY leakers –referred to as YEEZY Mafia, has taken the information on the social platform about Kanye’s mission to drop the beautiful pink bombshell on the end consumers. Additionally, the YEEZY Mafia also revealed information on the mockup of the expected color range of the world-famous sneakers. Just like the upcoming range of Bone White YEEZY 500, the BOOST 500 series is tipped on the exclusive gum-colored soles. As per the experts, it is still unclear at the given stage that whether or not the YIZEE BOOST 500 series will be women-exclusive or not –given its coincidence with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Revolutionary Adidas YEEZY BOOST 500

The news of the release of YEEZY BOOST 500 series is coupled with the duo of the 350s range that was also leaked by the YEZZY Mafia last week. The latest range of the high-end sneakers YEEZY Boost 500 is highly awaited by the YEEZY fans out there. As such, if it is going to be all-women exclusive in the coming time, the launch of this attractive series will win the hearts of all. Moreover, it’s coupling during the launch with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is only expected to be a big-time event.

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