Breaking –Cancer Research Finds Malaria Protein As a Method of Diagnosing Cancer


Breaking –cancer research finds malaria protein as the key to diagnosing cancer, in a recent study. The scientists around the world keep researching new ways to diagnose and treat cancer effectively towards improving the overall survival rates of the patients – all around the world.

In an attempt towards this direction, a team of researchers has found malaria protein as the key to diagnosing cancer in its early stages. A team of researchers from the University of Copenhagen discovered the new method of detecting cancer. The findings of the research were posted in Nature Communications that explained how the specific malaria protein has the capability of detecting the early-stage cancer cells found in blood.

The particular malaria protein has been found to stick to the cancer cells in the blood samples –making it simpler to diagnose cancer in its early stages. The team of researchers hopes that this method can be immensely useful in effective cancer screenings in the coming future.

The development of effective cancer blood tests has been increasingly difficult until now. To top it all, the large number of different types of cancers makes it even more difficult to come across the single biomarker that can be used in detecting all of them at once.

The specific malaria protein –referred to as “VAR2CSA”, acts like a magnet to the tumor cells and thus, grips onto any cell that is found to harbor the targeted sugar molecule. The research has already yielded some amazing results. By making use of the malaria protein, the researchers have been able to retrieve as many as 9 cancer cells in the period.