Brand New Kind of Drug Capable of Killing Cancer Cells from Within


A brand-new type of cancer drug has been found to act as the “Trojan Horse” for getting inside the tumor cells.  This therapy has proven quite promising in the cancer patients having the six cancers of different types.

In the patients having a drug-resistant, advanced form of cancer, over a quarter with bladder and cervical tumors, and around 15 percent with lung and ovarian tumors, they have responded quite well to the given treatment.  The all-new, innovative drug –referred to as “TV (Tisotumab Vedotin),” is known for releasing a type of toxic substance for killing cancer tumors from within.  The results of the given treatment have been so positive that the innovative drug has been successful in moving to Phase II of the clinical trials in cases of cervical cancer.  The drug will be further tested in a wide range of additional tumor cancers.

A research team at The Institute of Cancer Research in London along with the team at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust has led to the Phase II clinical trial of around 150 patients with a wide number of cancer types who had earlier stopped responding to regular treatments.

The results of the study have been published in the journal The Lancet Oncology.  The study has also been funded by Seattle Genetics and Genmab.

The team of researchers observed that a significant number of cancer patients had responded well to the drug –with the tumors either stopped growing or shrinking.  The researchers observed that the responses were positive in around 27 percent of the patients having bladder cancer, 26.5 percent of patients having cervical cancer, 13 percent with that of oesophageal cancer, 14 percent with ovarian cancer, 7 percent with endometrial cancer, and 13 percent with non-small lung cancer patients.

The responses of the patients to the drug lasted for around 5.7 months on an average and even up to 9.75 months in some typical cases.  In the given study, a majority of the patients having an advanced stage of cancer that had been treated with the drug became resistant to at least three different types of treatment.  The thing that the team of researchers finds exciting about this treatment is that the overall working of the drug turns out to be novel completely.  The drug acts like a Trojan Horse and kills the cancer cells from within.