Brain Cancer – Types and Treatments

Blood cancer is the condition that arises because of the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that overpower healthy cells by taking their nutrients and blood.

Different Types of Brain Cancer

There are 3 key types of brain cancer. Such as:
Gliomas: Gliomas is the most deadly brain cancer that typically occurs in the glial cells and affects the central nervous system.
Chordomas: This is a slow-growing tumor and most prevalent among the people of age ranging 50 to 60. Chordomas normally affects the lower portion of the spine and base of the skull.
Meningiomas: Meningiomas is a type of brain cancer which develops in the meninges and affects the spinal cord and brain. This particular cancer often occurs due to the growth of arachnoid cells.

Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Some of the common brain cancer symptoms include:

  • Clumsiness
  • Seizures
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Vision loss
  • Vomiting

Brain Cancer treatment and therapy options

Brain cancer treatment varies depending on the size and type of tumor, the patient’s age, and other health issues. Some of the brain cancer treatment includes:
Radiation Therapy- Under radiation therapy, high-intensity X-rays are passed through the tumor to destroy it completely, however preventing exposure to the surrounding tissues.
Surgical treatment- Surgical treatment for brain cancer involves the surgical removal of cancer. This particular treatment can be categorized as retrosigmoid, middle fossaand, tranlabyrinthine, and total endoscopic resection.
Chemotherapy- Chemotherapy includes the medications to destroy the tumor cells. The drugs can be injected in the vein or given orally in the pill type. This treatment generally causes vomiting, hair loss, and nausea.

Can Brain Cancer be cured?

The different treatments for brain cancer shrink the tumor and slow down its growth. Whether you have chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, it can take years to cure the cancer disease completely.

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