Brain Cancer Drug Avastin Soon to be Listed on PBS

Avastin –the leading $20,000 brain cancer drug, is now all set to be listed on PBS. This will make brain cancer treatment affordable with the help of this drug.

The patients with an aggressive form of brain cancer will no longer have to think of the funding options when it comes to the treatment. After a massive push from a large community, Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee has given the recommendation that Avastin should be made available to those having glioblastoma through the specialized Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Role of Avastin in Brain Cancer Treatment

While the drug Avastin does not provide a cure to the patients, the advocates of the community movement state that the drug is immensely beneficial in improving the overall quality of life while giving the patients as well as the families some hope during the difficult times. However, the drug that costs a whopping $20,000, is not affordable by everyone out there. With the PBAC decision to enlist Avastin on PBS, the patients and families can be hopeful that the overall drug costs get reduced significantly.

Making Avastin Affordable

In Australia, over 1900 cases of brain cancer come up every year. The report has been generated by the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare. Of the patients who are diagnosed with glioblastoma, it is expected that only 4.6 percent of them tend to live for over 5 years after the initial diagnosis.

Dr. Mustafa Khasraw –a leading medical oncologist at the Clinical Trials Center at the University of Sydney, says that glioblastoma turns out to be a difficult health condition –both for the patients as well as for the family. As the disease affects the brain of the patient, it also tends to affect the overall personality as they start losing their ability to think properly and make the right decisions.

While the drug was yet not listed on the PBS, the federal government in Australia created a specialized pre-elected commitment for listing every drug that is recommended by the PBAC. Ms. Wilson –the head of advocacy, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, says that the PBAC recommendation has been an incredible success –all thanks to the impressive power of the large community of people.

With the recommendation coming out, it can be expected that the costs of Avastin will go down significantly to make it highly affordable for brain cancer patients and families.

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