Blueberries can Help in Lowering Cardiovascular Risk by Around 20 Percent

If you are fond of blueberries, this post explains on more reason to eat your favorite fruit.

Blueberries are extremely delicious, juicy fruits. The presence of phytochemicals in the fruit offers its characteristic blue color. A recent study reveals that blueberries can help in reducing the overall risks of cardiovascular diseases by as much as 20 percent.

In the United States, hypertension is known to impact at least 1 in 3 adults. Hypertension –also referred to as the “silent killer,” is one of the major contributors to a wide number of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, hypertension also does not reflect any proper symptom during its early stages. Hypertension and its associated symptoms are known to impose stress on the cardiovascular system of the body. As such, in the long run, such symptoms might contribute to issues like heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, and others.

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Role of Blueberries for Better Health

The NIH –National Institute of Health, recommends that people who tend to have high blood pressure should aim at staying in control of developing cardiovascular diseases. This can be achieved by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and maintaining proper body weight.

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However, is there any special food item that you should eat to maintain healthy arteries? While you might come across a myriad of food items including broccoli, spinach, fish, and pulses that contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system, blueberries have also been observed to reduce the overall risks of developing heart-related diseases. This is mostly due to the presence of anti-oxidant polyphenols in the berries.

Research Reports About Health Benefits of Blueberries

New research reveals that the cardiovascular benefits of blueberries. The study reveals that the presence of anthocyanins –the phytochemicals responsible for imparting the blueberries the characteristic blue color, help in ensuring the health benefits that blueberries tend to have on the body’s cardiovascular system.

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A study conducted by Rodriguez-Mateos and her team of colleagues involved around 40 participants who were divided into two distinct groups. One group was made to drink around 200 grams of a drink of blueberries. Similarly, the other group received some form of control drink. The researchers started observing the beneficial effects of blueberries –only after 2 hours the group consumed its drink. After almost a month of the group receiving 200 grams of the blueberry drink, the participants observed their blood pressure decreasing by around 5mm Hg (mm of Mercury) on an average.

Source: academic.oup.com | Medical News Today

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