Blood Tests can Help in Predicting the Treatment for Patients with Prostate Cancer: Study


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A blood test can help in predicting the optimal treatment for patients who have advanced prostate cancer – as per a recent study. A collaborative study on an international level that was conducted between the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Lawson Health Research Institute, Epic Sciences, and the Royal Marsden is the first-ever study that has concluded that a blood test will be helpful in predicting the treatment of the patients having advanced prostate cancer. The study finds that the blood test will help in determining how the patients having prostate cancer will respond to particular treatments leading to the survival of the patient.

The study made use of a specific liquid biopsy test that was developed by a leading molecular diagnostics company named Epic Sciences. This test was aimed at examining the CTCs (Circulating Tumor Cells) in the blood samples obtained from the patients having advanced prostate cancer. This test turns out to be useful to the patients who might be deciding upon to make the shift from hormone-targeting therapy to chemotherapy. The Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are the cancer cells that tend to develop a tumor and enter the bloodstream. As such, this tumor starts invading the other vital organs of the body which leads to the spreading of cancer.

The given test by Epic Sciences will help in determining whether or not the CTCs of the given patient contain a specific protein known as “AR-V7” in the nucleus of the cells. The particular research team is focused on determining whether or not the presence of the protein AR-V7 will predict the specific treatment would help in treating cancer. The results of the study revealed that patients who had tested positive for the AR-V7 protein responded to chemotherapy, while the negative ones responded to hormone-targeting therapy effectively.