Blood Test Results for Predicting the Recurrence of Lung Cancer Can Aid in Mesothelioma Treatment


Early this year in January, a report generated by MesotheliomaHelp on the use of Biocept’s blood test for detecting Mesothelioma was released. Now, the company claims that it is making use of the same tool for determining whether or not it can help in predicting the recurrence of lung cancer in the patients.

As per the recent press release, the company aims at partnering with the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center for two clinical studies –one for predicting the recurrence of lung cancer and the other for predicting the response of the overall treatment. The respective studies will be making use of the Target Selector Liquid Biopsy by Biocept for detecting the circulation of the tumor cells as well as the tumor DNA in the body. Towards determining the accuracy of the given tests, the results of the tests will be compared with the findings from the PET or CT scans.

Though there have been several advances in the overall effectiveness of radiation & chemotherapy treatments for cancer, the two companies still show their concern over the risk for “after surgery (post resection disease occurrence” in the cancers of Stage II or Stage III still remains quite high. The respective teams of the companies on the given clinical studies will be inspecting the cases of patients having colon, breast, and lung cancer with Stage II or III recurrent cancer cases. The team of the researchers aims at finding a proper way that can help in predicting the chances of the recurrence of the disease in high-risk patients with the help of a blood test –by using biomarkers as the guide.

Though lung cancer and mesothelioma are distinct cancers, the overall treatment protocol for the two remains the same.