Best Friends Fight Against Cancer Together!


Abbey’s mother, Jo, writes about the predicament her daughter goes through, but much to our surprise, we see her revealing an amazing story behind her daughter’s illness. Abbey was diagnosed with bone cancer, Osteosarcoma, when she was eight years old. Jo was completely devastated at the turn of the events for her family and had sat outside the hospital room, weeping into her hands.

Two weeks later, Jo finds another woman, Anna, in similar heart-rending state and she knew that the woman was going through the same things as she was. Jo got to talk to Anna’s husband, Hamish, first, and she came to know that their daughter, Georgia, 9-years old, was also diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and that they lived just a few suburbs away.

When Abbey and Georgia met, it could be clearly seen that these two would be inseparable. In the beginning, they didn’t interact much due to their sickness from chemotherapy, but that wouldn’t stop them from being together and be each other’s strength. If they would be sick, they would simply lie next to each other quietly in the same bed and that would be enough for them. They shared their smiles, their laughs, their bond and got a strength out from all of this. Their dread of going to the hospital soon changed into excitement for seeing each other.

When they both had to undergo 12-hour long surgeries and were not permitted to leave bed for two weeks, they managed to stay in contact through Facetime. And when they finally got discharged, they both were given wheelchairs and together, they had sped down the halls, glee apparent on their faces.

The mothers also found a special bond between them. They knew they were there for each other when the long nights of waiting would come. Jo calls the presence of Anna as a “silver lining” in this tough situation. They made each other laugh in these situations and derived mutual support from one another. They both knew how it felt, how you made it through the bad days and therefore, they could console each other.

Although future treatments await these courageous girls but now that they are together, they can go through it as one and save each other.